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What we do:

The open spaces within the development are maintained and looked after by LSFMC. Feeding, weed control and mowing/strimming is carried out when it is required and so long as the weather allows us to do so. Throughout the year we also maintain, prune and replace any trees and/or hedges which have been damaged.

Since the development started in January 2007, there have been over 6800 various species of trees planted throughout the open spaces.

LSFMC also carry out regular litter picks throughout the development. This helps to keep the development neat and tidy, whilst also protecting the environment and the local habitats. It also provides a more enjoyable space for the residents to enjoy. However, we do ask that all residents make use of the litter bins that are provided and situated around the development.

The swales that are situated on Long Meadow have been designed to manage water runoff as water attenuation ponds in the event that there is any heavy flooding. In previous years is has been noticed that the swales have had ducks nestling in them.

There is also a wildflower grassland that is situated at the top of Cotswold Close within the village. This is also maintained by LSFMC, however since this is a wildlife habitat it can only be cut once a year when the seeds fall off the flowers during the autumn season.

and much more.

The Welcome Centre:

LSFMC provide the use of the welcome centre for all residents of Little Stanion village free of charge. This includes the electricity, water, sewerage and maintenance of the building. This is a great benefit to the residents as it can be used for birthday parties, meetings and much more.

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